Monday, 19 January 2009

A Velvety Soup for Clear, Cold Day........

....or, in other words, Leek and Potato Soup with Parmesan. Leek and potato soup is probably one of my most fave things to eat - it must be the Celt in me. So, this is really just a basic recipe - sweat some good organic leeks, chopped, in butter (I like to include some of the green) then add an equal quantity of floury potato, and cover with stock. Where Nigel's variation comes in is the addition of Parmesan rinds - cos we all have them knocking around, don't we?! I put a couple in and, well, to be honest, they didn't make much difference to the overall soup. I blended it, added cream and loads of chives, and didn't bother with any more Parmesan. So, in the end, a good old Leek and Potato soup for our lunches, and none the worse for that either! Do try to get good vigorous organic leeks - they make such a difference.

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