Saturday, 24 January 2009

Double Ginger Cake

Now my new oven has been fitted (hooray!) I have embarked on somewhat of a baking frenzy - just because I can! I am letting this ginger cake mature for a couple of days, when my colleagues will benefit from most of it, and we'll stash a small slab of it at home for snacking on. Really easy to make, and if the spoonful of the cake mix was anything to go by (go on, admit it - we all lick the spoon) the finished cake will be lovely. I am also halfway through making the Lime Tart for lunch with friends tomorrow - will let you know what they are like in a few days! Tasting Note: really nice ginger cake, although the fruit and ginger chunks all sank to the bottom, which I guessed would happen with such a floppy batter. It didn't affect the eating qualities, though. I used light Muscovado sugar instead of the dark variety specified in the recipe, mainly because this was all I had - I will make this again, I am sure, and it will be interesting to compare the different results.

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