Tuesday, 6 January 2009

off challenge - Chicken soup Tom Yam style

OK so this isn’t a ‘Nigel’ recipe. My trusty old Bosch oven has given up the ghost so I am having to use the hob until a replacement arrives. Turned for inspiration to Lindsey Bareham’s excellent ‘Just One Pot’. Cooked her ‘Chicken, sweetcorn and red pepper chowder’ tonight, which turned out more like a Tom Yam soup. Delicious though.

Basically, you sweat an onion in oil and butter, add frozen sweetcorn (about a cup) and a diced red pepper and a finely chopped clove of garlic. I added a wee bit of grated ginger too. Now add a couple of diced chicken breasts and most of a big bunch of finely chopped coriander, stalks and all. Add a pint of stock – Marigold did fine – and two tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce or more if you like it eye-stingingly hot – I don’t (wuss). Simmer for 15 mins and serve in deep bowls with the rest of the coriander. Spritz in some lime at the end to lift and balance the flavours. Not authentic but bloomin' good on a frosty night. Enough for two with a portion leftover for hubby’s lunch tomorrow.

Will probably do Nigel’s ‘stew’ tomorrow, which seems to be a Lancashire hotpot with barley added. I’ll do it on the hob!

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