Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Stilton, Onion and Potato pie

OK, so if you have high cholesterol, I recommend you look away now, or eat a rice cake or a bowl of porridge or something. This was rich, AND we used way less cheese and butter than in the recipe. Good though! Nigel's recipe ,halved, used 112g of Stilton and 40g of butter. We used about 70g of Cheddar and about 20g of the remaining Stilton butter from the weekend. This was plenty of cheese! If you try it, do follow Nige's advice to slowly cook and caramelise the onion. You will be rewarded with an unctuous layer of sweet onion and cheese to contrast with the potato. Really good with sharp, minerally Savoy cabbage, au naturel apart from lots of black pepper, as a good foil for the rich cheesey oniony stodge. Perfect for a foggy, chilly night. Would do this again, deffo.

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