Thursday, 8 January 2009

Dal and Pumpkin Soup and Mackerel with a Paprika crust

A lovely, mildly spicy supper tonight. Kicked off with Dal and Pumpkin Soup and chunks of naan bread to accompany. Didn't bother with the fried onion topping as it seemed too much of a faff. Scrummy, even without the onions!

Followed with Spiced Crumbed Mackerel with Smoked Paprika. Baked for 20 minutes (on a parchment-lined baking sheet) and served with a sharp, lemony-dressed, rocket salad. Healthy and no dairy in the whole meal. Our little table-topped oven that we bought to tide us over till we get our new oven (come ON, John Lewis!) coped brilliantly with this, and the crust was deliciously crisp. Don't think it will do much more than this though!

We feel quite virtuous and healthy. I might have to have some chocolate to compensate ;o)

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