Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Spiced Roast Potatoes with Yoghurt and Mint

Lovely way with potatoes, and I made it even easier by sprinkling the potatoes with a little turmeric and grinding over garam masala spices from a pepper mill, then spraying the whole thing with groundnut oil from a pump dispenser. Whacked it in the oven, next to the roasting butternut squash, and 30 minutes later, a lovely spicy supper. The minted yoghurt is essential - I used Total Greek Yoghurt, 'cos it is just the best thing in the world, ever! I also used brilliant frozen, chopped mint - yes, you did read that right! - in a ziplock bag from Waitrose. A most useful product, and also in the range is coriander, parsley and chives.


  1. Hi Maggie

    Was just thinking this sounded like patatas bravas, one of my favourite tapas, then I saw that Nigel has a recipe for those too, smothered in tomato sauce. But I think they must do them differently in Catalonia -- there, they are spicy, crisp potatoes like this, sprinkled with paprika and served with yoghurt or sour cream.

  2. Whenever I've had patatas bravas, it's been with the spicy tomato sauce. This way was obviously Indian in spirit, and the contrast of the crisp spiced potato with the cool minty yoghurt was lovely, so I can see that the Catalan version would be good too!