Friday, 20 February 2009

Linguine alla Vongole

It is quite shocking a) how expensive fresh clams are (£12 a kilo at our fishmongers in Oxford) and b) how little clam meat there is in half a kilo! Still, by the time it is distributed throughout the pasta, it is plenty, and it is surely the clam liquor that comes out when cooked with a glass of white wine that is the point of this dish. Simple and delicious, although Nigel says to remove the meat from all the shells, I left a few in the shell, so we could appreciate their 'impossible elegance' as Nigel puts it! Accompanied by an equally elegant Verdicchio from Italy, all in all a fine supper

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  1. Wow, that does look lush! Never tried clams, I'm so nervous about trying out new seafood it's almost funny.

    I don't get why seafood costs so much so much either. I was given 2 packs of scallops yesterday. Sadly no recipe ready yet so I had to freeze them!