Sunday, 8 February 2009

Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt Sorbet

Three Nigel recipes today! This little beauty is tucked away on the freezer for tonight to accompany roasted rhubard (recipe above). This is scarcely worth printing as a recipe it is so simple: tip a 500g tub of Total Greek yoghurt into a bowl, and beat in 4 level tablespoons of caster sugar. Add 2 teaspoons of real vanilla extract (or the wonderful vanilla paste in little jars you can now buy, so you get the seeds) and either churn in an ice-cream machine, or put in a plastic container and freeze (whipping every hour or so to break up crystals). Sneaked a spoonful (of course!) and it tastes divine, echoing the last mounds of icy snow I can see in the garden from the kitchen PS: tasting notes this was soooooo good, almost better than a full fat cream version (of course, Greek Yoghurt isn't without a fat content, but considerably lower than double cream, egg yolks, etc) I really, REALLY recommend this ice and can see that I will be making it many times


  1. Maggie at this rate you'll have finished the book in less than half a year!!!
    This looks great, I've jotted it down to make as soon as the freezer empties enough to make space for the ice cream machine bowl. In any case, my Greek mother-in-law would have a fit if she heard we were eating ice cream in winter. It's definitely a summer food here.
    Speaking of Greece, here we can get a 0% fat strained yoghurt (the Greek name for Greek yoghurt). It's just as thick as the regular kind, which is 10% fat, and there is also a 2% version.
    For a variation on the vanilla version, try using 50g honey (or to taste) with 500g strained yoghurt.
    Fresh yoghurt with honey and walnuts is a popular dessert here, considered a "strengthener" for the gentlemen.

  2. Hi Sunny. I imagine it would work perfectly well with the low or zero fat version (although not so creamy of course!). I can't tell you how delicious this was, you must try it, Winter or not!

    I love Greek yoghurt and would happily eat it every day with honey, crushed strawberries, lemon curd ( favourite!), passion the summer, it is a favourite lazy Sunday morning favourite with a big platter of melon, berries, orange slices and a bowl of yoghurt with honey to dip the fruit into. Lovely to do this in the garden in the dappled shade, with a pot of good coffee and some flaky croissants within reach.