Sunday, 8 February 2009

Braised Oxtail with Mustard and Mash

With a face that only your mother could love, oxtail will never win any beauty contests, but it tastes and smells fantastic! Cooked Nigel's recipe with a whole bottle of claret last night. Will reheat it tonight with the mustard and some parsley added at the last minute, and will spoon it over billowing heaps of mash, with some Brussels Sprouts to add a green counterpoint of flavour and appearance. Such a chilly day, that I know this will warm the cockles. Got the organic oxtail from Feller's Butchers in Oxford's Covered Market - not cheap, but fantastic quality. PS: Eating notes - very rich and unctuous. We cooked it for a further one and a half hours today, and it probably needed it to fully tenderise the meat. The remains will make a nice Cottage Pie tomorrow. Served it tonight with a Hunter Valley Shiraz, whose rich, spicy notes matched the casserole perfectly

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