Sunday, 31 October 2010

Roast Kabocha Squash and Sweetcorn Soup

I know, another squash soup, but they are rather lovely to cook with and make for healthy and filling lunches.  This week we ordered a special extra box from Riverford Organics which delivered 8 beautiful specimens of kabocha, acorn, butternut and small pumpkin varieties.  The kabocha was particularly beautiful, a deep speckled green with a blush of orange, and as warty as a witch's nose, so it seemed appropriate to mark Hallowe'en, or perhaps more appropriately for a Scot, Samhain, by cooking it.  The regular Riverford veg box also provided us with some sweetcorn cobs, so it seemed logical to combine them.  The usual method: cut the squash into wedges and roast.  Sweat an onion in olive oil, add the roasted squash, scooped from the skin, and the kernels from a couple of stripped sweetcorn cobs.  Just cover with veg stock, simmer for 20 minutes or so and then blend - I left half unblended to give texture.  No chilli or herbs this week, just gentle, unadorned sweetness and goodness!  Like me. (ha!)

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