Thursday, 28 October 2010

Roast Butternut, Goats' Cheese and Sage Souffle

Supper really was the highlight of my day today.  Whether that meant that I had had a particularly bad day at work, or just that I am greedy, I'll leave you to decide - a bit of both, if truth be told.  I've wanted to do this recipe, by Sarah Raven, for a while, and as I had some leftover roasted butternut squash in the fridge, today seemed like an ideal opportunity.  So, a bit of mashing of squash, a bit of grating of parmesan and chopping of soft, squidgy goats' cheese, tearing of sage leaves, and beating of egg whites, and we're done.  I made a little 'panade', the classic thick white sauce, as a base, and beat the mashed squash and 3 egg yolks into this along with most of the parmesan and the sage.  Then, I folded the cubed squidgy goats' cheese in along with the egg white, tipped it into a gratin dish lined with butter and more parmesan, and sprinkled the remaining cheese on top.  Twenty minutes later, it emerged from a hot oven all golden, wobbly and crisp.  Dear reader, it was delicious, and the day seems nicer and life more mellow, with a full tum and a fragrant flat!


  1. Sounds delicious. Which Sarah Raven book was it in?

  2. Hi Indie.Tee, it was delicious!

    Stacey: it is adapted from a recipe in her brilliant 'Garden' book. She does it as a twice baked souffle, which would be yummoy, but I dodn't have the time. So I bunged it in a single dish and served it straight from the oven. But for an elegant starter, bake the mixture in individual remekins then allow to cool - it will deflate, but that's fine. To serve, tip them out of the ramekins onto a buttered baking sheet, sppon over double cream and more cheese and bake again for about 10 mins till puffed up. Very rich and delicious!