Saturday, 23 October 2010

Creamy Fish Pie

So, last night, I had a lump of leftover smoked haddock from the previous night's Kedgeree in the fridge, and had originally intended to make a recipe my sister suggested - a cauliflower and smoked haddock souffle.  However, it was cold, and we were tired from a week at work, and needed comfort - sorry Sis, but Fish Pie won the day!  I promise I'll try your recipe soon and blog about it on here.  Anyway, comfort indeed, with a fillet each of cod and salmon rescued from the depths of the freezer and the aforementioned smoked haddock, folded into a creamy bechamel sauce with a touch of white vermouth, sauteed mushrooms, frozen peas and lots of parsley and dill - oh, and a leftover boiled egg from yesterday too.  Topped with creamy mash and baked until lovely and golden, it was a marvellous supper, and we drank a fine white Burgundy in it's honour.

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