Sunday, 29 August 2010

Roast Plums with Kentish Cob Nuts and Clotted Cream

This recipe from Mark Hix is surely meant as a reworking of the famous Italian dish of baked peaches with Amaretti crumbs and Mascarpone cream? It uses classic English ingredients instead, and is so right for this time of year, with Victoria plums and the little-used cob nuts from Kent, a relative of the hazelnut. It is a very simple dessert to prepare, and here is a link to the recipe should you want to try it. If you see cob nuts in your local market, grab them while you can. If we don't use them, the orchards will be grubbed up and a traditional old English ingredient will fade from memory.


  1. At Sissinghurst, they had loads of cob trees, laden with nuts. Unfortunately, they were not quite ready for picking . It was quite a sight to see how many nuts there were on the tree.

  2. Joy: I've never been to Sissinghurst but would love to go. The gardens, the association with Virginia Woolf, and now with Sarah Raven who is a most brilliant cook. I must go and check out her 'Garden' cookbook to see if she has any recipes for cob nuts. At this time of year, they are delicious - sweet, fresh, milky nuts they are delicious just to eat by themselves. Everbody bangs on about foreign imports such as Marcona almonds, which ARE lovely, but we have such delicious things on our own doorsteps that we should be using too. Rant over!

  3. Sissinghurst was the home of Vita Sackville West..not sure where the Virginia Woolf link comes in...tho she may have been a visitor?