Monday, 2 August 2010

Carrot Fritters [#249]

These are a cross between a Nigel Slater and a Bill Granger recipe, so I suppose they count for the challenge? Essentially, grated carrot, grated onion (a good-sized one in each case) mixed with an egg, a heaped tablespoon of flour, and a little milk it it is all too stiff. You should have a mixture that coheres, yet plops gently off a spoon if tapped. You now have some seasoning options: I added a finely chopped green chilli, mainly as I had one in the house and wanted to add a bit of 'poke' to proceedings. I crumbled in a little feta too, which is the Bill way, but Nigel suggests grated cheddar. Not too much, an ounce or two. Season well with pepper and some salt if the cheese isn't included. A herb is needed - I used coriander, but parsley would be nice too, as would some mint.

Now, heat a couple of tablespoons of oil in a non-stick pan, spoon tablepoons of batter into the pan, and flatten a little. Cook for a couple of minutes each side, drain on kitchen paper and serve with Greek yoghurt into which you've stirred some sweet chilli sauce, more of your chosen herb, and perhaps some chopped or grated cucumber. Lovely with a green salad and some roast tomatoes for a hearty veggie supper and enough for 2.

Cooking note:
these are quite fragile, so don't worry if they break up when you turn them over, just squidge them back together again. I placed them on a parchment lined baking sheet and finished cooking in a hot oven for 10 minutes - this helped them firm up and also allowed some of the oil they inevitably absorb to come out.


  1. they sound great fun, and I have some carrots going nowhere in the fridge that I can put to good use with these. Wednesday, I think. The boy will be impressed! I think i might go with cumin and chilli. Or maybe kalonji.

  2. Helen, I wouldn't expect anything other than kalonji from a dedicated Nigella fan! They are good fun, and dead cheap too. Nigel's advice, which is worth following, is to try to get long shreds of carrot rather than a mushy grated texture. If you have a mandolin or appropriate fitting for a processor, do use it and you'll get a better texture - but it doesn't really matter if you only have a box grater frankly.

  3. On the subject of alternative seasonings, this is an infonitely variable recipe, and cumin with chilli would be yum. Use finely chopped spring onion if you have it. Being carrot, ground coriandar would work, I imagine (but probably not with cheddar?) Some harissa would work with mint for a Moroccan vibe. Or garam masala to take it to India. Of course, instead of carrots, the now classic grated courgette is delicious, and I love it with feta, chilli and mint.