Monday, 16 August 2010

Ham, Leek and Courgette Risotto

I love making risotto, although I know a lot of people panic about it. I actually find the process of stirring for 20 minutes or so to be therapeutic - you can veg out and stare into space, waking up in time to add the next ladle-full of stock. No surprises in this recipe - sweat finely chopped leeks in butter, add your rice and fry gently for a few minutes. Add a good splosh of white wine or (my favourite) white vermouth. Now add some finely chopped courgettes and start adding hot vegetable stock, stirring whilst it is absorbed. At the end, I stirred in a little chopped cooked ham, a little more butter and some grated Parmesan - what the Italians call mantecare or mounting the risotto. Put a lid on, and allow to settle for a minute or two. The final texture is your choice - again, the Italians have a word - all'onda or with waves, so it should have some moisture to it.


  1. Thanks, Maggie. Would you believe I'd never made a risotto until Sunday and it was so very delicious I determined to make another pretty soon. Yours looks good for a holiday dinner, sitting on the kitchen step, bowl in hand . . .

  2. i'm a big risotto fan, mushroom is my favourite, so oozy and unctuous!

  3. Joy: Would that we were on holiday! I know what you mean, though, big easy heartwarming food.

    Crazydaisy: Yum, I love mushroom risotto, especially if you add some fried mushrooms into the mix, and a little sherry at the end - honestly, it just makes the whole thing sing.

    I keep meaning to make enough risottos to have leftovers to roll into balls, coat in flour egg and breadbrumbs, and then fry until crisp and golden. Delectable, but somehow we always eat all the risotto. Oops!