Saturday, 21 August 2010

Chilli Meatballs with Sweetcorn

You know, some food just isn't very photogenic, and should be consumed in the privacy of one's own home, with lots of beer and napkins. This is certainly the case here. Not a pretty dish. But very nice! It is a little windy here (and that's BEFORE the chilli has been consumed - forgive me). So, a bowl of chilli is in order. We had some chilli meatballs from Waitrose in the freezer, so I knocked up a chilli sauce - onion, garlic, red chilli to taste, paprika, cumin and oregano, with a tin of tomatoes and a tin of kidney beans. The meatballs were browned and then cooked slowly for an hour in the sauce. Towards the end, I added some fresh sweetcorn kernels, stripped from an ear of corn that had arrived in the organic veg box. Served in a generous portion in a bowl with some soft, warmed flour tortillas, and some chilled Mexican beer, this was a lovely supper. You could add a dollop of sour cream, some grated cheese and chopped coriander if you wanted to gussy it up a bit, but we were just fine, thank you! No photo, so here is a nice shot of some sweetcorn.

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