Sunday, 13 September 2009

Lamb Shank with Mustard [#154]

This recipe had been hanging round since the February section of the Diaries, an example of Nigel's obsession with lamb. As it was a bright but chilly September day, it felt fine to revisit this and get it out of the way. Nice and simple braise, I added carrots, because I love their flavour done in a casserole. We didn't serve mash as suggested, because we didn't have suitable potatoes, but nice plain steamed ones with butter and chives were just as yummy. One shank was plenty for the two of us, so I have another one, with all the remaining braising juices, left over for shepherd's pie tomorrow - yippee! One point - Nigel suggests cooking for an hour and a half - I doubled this time, to be sure of the delicious melting softness and breakdown of connective tissues that make for a lovely finish - I would suggest you do the same too! Surprisingly, there is no official online recipe for this - sorry. Just think onions, garlic, rosemary, bay, carrots, stock and red wine, with mustard stirred in at the end, and you are there.

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