Sunday, 13 September 2009

Blackberry and Apple Pie [#155]

Oddly, Nigel has this in the November section of the Diaries, when surely the blackberries are finished? No matter, we made it today, with the first of the English Bramleys, sharp and juicy, cooked to a puree first and then united with the berries. For the pastry (which went under AND over the filling), I went back to Nigel's wonderful Apple Shortcake recipe that we had in March, I think. Rich, buttery and very short, it makes for a wonderful tart - I'm sure there is a joke in there somewhere. A pudding like this calls for custard, naturally! Well, I am suffering dreadfully with a cold - feed a cold and starve a fever, they do say.


  1. round here they *definitely* say 'feed a fever, starve a cold', sorry!

  2. I guess I conveniently change it to fit circumstances, being a greedy pig. If ever I lose my appetite, it means I am really ill! This got me searching, though, and the consensus seems to be feeding the cold - see the Beeb - if it is in there, it MUST be right, yeah? Oh?!