Sunday, 29 March 2009

Taramosalata and Flatbreads [#59 & 60]

Two recipes knocked off the list tonight (and another two to follow, see the next entries) so a veritable Nigel-fest this weekend. This is so much better than the awful 'pantie-pink' versions of taramosalata that one gets in the supermarket - the natural pinkiness was supplied by marvellous quality lobes of smoked cod's roe, supplied by the Port of Lancaster Smokehouse that I have written of several times. Deeply flavoured, smoky and rich, you really don't need much - 100g is plenty for 4 people. The flatbreads were good too, with so much more texture and character than bog-standard pitta breads. Accompanied by splendid cocktails called 'Cablegrams' - smoky Scotch, fresh lemon juice and ginger ale, served on-the-rocks.

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