Sunday, 22 March 2009

Demerara Lemon Cake [#54]

Phew! Bit of a Nigel marathon today, with a lamb recipe for later too, and this morning's breakfast brioche. Nigel is certainly a good baker, and this moist, tangy cake is a good example of his skills. We had a surfeit of limes in the house, so I used them instead of lemons, and they worked beautifully. One quibble - the thinly sliced limes for the topping were a bit chewy, despite being cooked in a sugar syrup as Nigel recommended. Next time, I might simmer them just in a little water until soft and then add sugar, as I think cooking them in a syrup stops them from softening. Other than that, lovely for afternoon tea, and once again, lucky colleagues will get the rest!

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