Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Mustard Chops [#63]

This is a nice, simple treatment for chops - pork, in our case, rather than the lamb that Nigel suggested - what is Nigel's obsession with lamb? He does eat a lot of it, and there are around 16 recipes using it in the book, as opposed to just 2 for beef! Anyway, can't find a recipe online, but dead easy. Crush garlic - lots. Mix with grain mustard - lots, but probably not as much as Nigel suggests (1 heaped teaspoon, rather than a tablespoon - yes, a tablespoon!). Add the juice of a lemon and a good splosh of olive oil, and lots of salt and pepper. Mix, and pour over 2 large, fat pork chops. Leave for an hour or so, and then grill, basting with the marinade, until crustily brown but still juicy in the middle. Lovely served with spring greens and plump grilled mushrooms.


  1. Wow, this is a mouth watering blog! Do they all turn ot like the pictures - you must be a great cook. I like your profile picture too.

  2. Dear Miss Mapp - how lovely to have you drop by. They do look look the pictures! This isn't necessarily because I am a great cook (although I have been cooking for well over 30 years, day in, day out....) but more because Nigel Slater's recipes are usually very simple and straightforward. Do try them, even if you don't cook much. A recipe like this is so simple, and transforms a humble chop - or a chicken breast would work too - into a delicious feast! Do drop by again, and track my progress through the brilliant Kitchen Diaries! I look like the Profile Picture too, especially first thing in the morning.........