Sunday, 22 March 2009

Roast Lamb with Cumin and Mint [#55]

I leapt forward to the June section of the Diaires for this lovely recipe - much more subtle than the title might suggest. It turned a bog-standard boned leg of New Zealand lamb into a rich, savoury dish. We started with bruschetta topped with pesto and roast tomato for a little taste of summer to come, and will finish with a granita of blood orange and Campari. Delicious dinner, resolutely looking forward to the warmer weather. Can't find a recipe online, which is surprising, but it is basically a rub of crushed garlic, a bit of ground cumin, lemon juice, chopped mint and olive oil. Leave it on the lamb for an hour or two, then roast for 30 mins per kilo. Deglaze the pan with wine (either red or white) and more chopped mint.

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