Saturday, 7 March 2009

Aubergine and Tomato Curry with Lemongrass

I know, I know, another recipe with lemongrass, but Nigel has a lot of recipes with it in at this time of year - and boy, was this a good one! Another fine example of Nigel's brilliance with Asian flavours, this curry had the most wonderful 'gravy' which we mopped up with coriander and garlic naan bread - unconventional, I know, but it was sooo good. One difference from the recipe - I sauteed the aubergines and mushrooms first, rather than bung them in with the sauce raw.
We also served more of the delectable pork and lime leaf patties that I had stashed in the freezer from when I made them in January - check out the blog for that recipe. A truly marvellous supper, to accompany Madama Butterfly on Radio 3 - I know, we should have eaten Japanese, but this Thai-inspired meal was near enough ;o) - by the way, we drink dryish cider with our curries rather than lager - try it, the slight sweetness goes wonderfully well, and has no hint of the slight bitterness that lager sometimes has, unwelcome I think with these flavours.

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