Sunday, 16 January 2011

Swiss Chard in Cream with Black Pepper and Juniper

A simple little dish from Nigel, but a lovely way of serving chard, and it accompanied a roast chicken very nicely.  You chop some chard stalks and leaf, and blanch in deep, salted boiling water - not too long, a minute or so.  Meanwhile, in a non-stick pan, melt about 20g of butter, and gently saute 4 crushed juniper berries and quite a lot of black pepper - about 20 grindings of the mill.  Stir in 3 or 4 tablespoons double cream or creme fraiche and allow to bubble and reduce a while.  Then, stir in the blanched chard and stir around in the creamy juices, adding salt if liked.  Serve whilst still bubbling hot.

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