Sunday, 30 January 2011

Caramel Cabinet Pudding

I make this every year around this time, ostensibly to hoover up all the remaining dried fruit left over from Christmas, but it is so delicious in its own right.  It is like bread and butter pud, but made with Madeira cake instead of bread.  I line the base of the dish with some caramel - a couple of tablespoons of sugar heated over a high flame until it darkens, melts and liquifies into lovely caramel.  Then I build layers of cubed Madeira cake, raisins and sultanas soaked in Marsala wine, and chopped mixed peel.  Then a couple of eggs beaten with half a pint of creamy milk, a tablespoon of sugar and some vanilla are poured over.  The whole thing is steamed for an hour and a half or baked, covered, in a bain marie, and then inverted so the lovely dark caramel top is uppermost.  Spoon any caramel juices from the base of the dish around the pud as you serve, with some chilled cream if liked.......who am I kidding, if liked?  As if...........this will serve four or possibly 6 after a big meal, so not as wicked as you'd think.

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