Sunday, 23 January 2011

Blood Orange and Campari Jellies with Sliced Oranges

I've made this dessert many times, and it is great if you are looking to avoid dairy or carbs but still want a delicious, refreshing end to a meal.  Of course, fresh orange juice and Campari make a sublime drink over ice, and go perfectly together in a dessert too.  I use this recipe from the brilliant 'Taste' site in Australia - the only difference being that I substitute leaf gelatine - about 3 leaves - for the powdered, as I find it dissolves much better.  I also leave the pink grapefruit out, as I like the purity of the oranges.  But I have made it with just pink grapefruit juice instead of the orange, and in that case I would use slices or 'fillets' of the fresh fruit to accompany it.  They are setting in the fridge right now, and I am trying to resist just chugging them down!  picture courtesy of

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