Monday, 23 January 2012

Tortelloni Soup

This soup, or versions of it, has been doing the food blog rounds this winter, so I thought I'd give it a go.  It breathes life into bought tortelloni, and makes a substantial, low fat meal-in-a-bowl, especially with salad and garlic bread.  You can go veggie too, varying the pasta fillling and using veg stock.  I do think it needs a good stock, though, so I made some chicken stock with yesterdays' roast chicken, about a litre and a half for 4 people.  Then I added a tin of chopped tomatoes, a sliced leek and onion, a sliced carrot and a couple of cloves of garlic, crushed or grated.  Simmer for 30 minutes or so until the veg is tender, then add a good handful of baby spinach leaves, chopped chard or greens - whatever you have, and simmer for another few minutes to wilt and soften the greens.  In a separate pot, boil a 500g pack of tortelloni or ravioli - whatever filling takes your fancy, though I went just for cheese and tomato.  Drain and add to the soup along with some shredded leftover chicken if you have any.  Dish up with grated parmesan.  Depending on the brand and filling of pasta, this falls well under the fiver price barrier and is good and filling - we have loads of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

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