Sunday, 8 January 2012

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

I am embarrassed to even call this a recipe really, but if any of you still have a lump of Christmas Pud lurking in the fridge, then this is a great way to use it up.  You simply chop or crumble the pud and mix it with GOOD bought vanilla ice cream - allow it to soften a little.  Season with some cinnamon and rum or brandy to taste (not too much booze as this inhibits the freezing), pile it back into the ice cream box or little ramekins if you are feeling precious.  Return to the freezer and then serve in scoops or turn out onto a plate if you went down the ramekin route.  Delicious!  Of course, it helps if you have a really good Crimbo pud to start with - we make our own each year.  Perhaps I should finally blog the recipe on here later on?

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  1. Wow...that looks awesome! It looks like fruitcake ice cream.