Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

So, here is 2012.  Where did 2011 go?  There were ups and downs last year, but one constant was our wonderful Riverford veg box delivery, and this will still be a source of major inspiration.  At the request of a friend, I will blog a recipe each week that costs less than a fiver - in reality, many of my recipes already do, but I will highlight them where possible. 

Also, we will continue with our attempts to keep the fat intake down.  I find this tricky in the winter, where so many dishes seem to use cheese and dairy - comfort eating, I suppose.  Let me know your tips for avoiding this, whilst still delivering on warmth and comfort.  Thanks for staying with me and I love to hear your feedback if you cook any of my recipes - either on here or my Facebook pals.  I shall also try to get on Twitter, if I can be ar$ed!


  1. New Year's dinner? Hubby is working, so we will eat tonight - home-made cheese straws with Cosmoplitans; Honey and Mustard-glazed Baked Ham joint (a lovely organic one from Jody Scheckter's farm at Laverstoke Park), with celeriac and potato dauphinois, three-root puree and steamed January King cabbage, then Orange and Campari jelly. Yum!

  2. Mmm - sounds nice.
    I use very strong cheese in cooking - more taste for less.
    J x

  3. Hi Maggie

    Happy New Year! Enjoy your meal, it sounds lovely. We invited friends last night and did a rerun of the meal we'd had on our own on Christmas Day, because we liked it so much: rare roast fillet of beef, roasted sprouts and shallots (courtesy HFW), roasted spuds, Yorkshire puddings, onion gravy. Followed by lots of cheese and a tarte aux myrtilles. A friend brought the starter, moules gratinées with lots of garlic butter. Yum!

    I'd actually never roasted beef before this Christmas and it turned out gorgeous both times, with lots of lovely leftovers.

  4. Happy New Year Joy and Veronica! For some reason, Google hasn't let me reply to comments for a while, but I changed the template, and - voila - I can now comment on my own blog!

    Veronica, love the sound of roasted sprouts - recipe please?