Sunday, 15 January 2012

Roast Duck Legs and Potatoes

A really simple recipe, this, from Nigella Lawson (her book, 'Kitchen', if you want to look at the original).  You cube some peeled potatoes and place in a roasting dish.  I would recommend something non-stick if you don't want to spend the next week removing welded-on starch from the bottom (guess what my husband is doing right now?!).  Season well with salt, pepper and some fresh thyme sprigs.  Sear the duck legs (1 per person) in a frying pan, skin-side down, until there is some colour and the fat is starting to render.  Whilst this is happening, sprinkle the meat-side with salt, pepper and more thyme.  Place, skin-side up, on the potatoes and pour any rendered fat over the spuds.  Alternatively, just to what I did, season the legs and place, un-seared, on the spuds.  They still turned out fine! Now roast for 2 hours at 200C (180C fan oven).  Turn the spuds a couple of times during this time, exposing as much of them to the heat as possible.  When all is crisp and brown, serve up straight away.  We ate this with juicy red cabbage and Bramley apples, and some bright green purple sprouting broccoli, which offset the richness of the meat perfectly.  A bottle of Merlot helped it down too!  We have a couple of roast legs left over, which will go into a stir-fry tomorrow.

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