Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Gallone Cocktail

This is a pretty full-on Italian aperitivo, and pretty delicious too.  It consists of 2 parts gin, stirred with one part each of Campari and Cynar (a funky bitter Italian aperitif made from globe artichokes!) and served over ice, topped with soda water.  Wonderfully refreshing, served with roasted asparagus wrapped in Parma ham.  Cin cin!


  1. You must have one heck of a cocktail cabinet!! Never even heard of Cynar.

  2. My hubby is a bit of a collector! We also have Aperol and a whole collection of Amare from Italy, and lots of different bitters nd vermouths. But if you have just Campari, you'll never go wrong. The best-known and still the best