Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Asparagus and Cheese Penne Pasta

Another simple veggie supper - slice some asparagus on the diagonal, add to the pot of pasta 3 or 4 minutes before the end of cooking is up, drain and mix with a creamy cheesy bechamel sauce with some fresh parsley.  I add some 'poke' to the sauce by adding mustard and Cayenne pepper, along with a good grating of nutmeg.  You can take this dish off in different directions by adding chopped ham, crisp bacon, sliced tomatoes, smoked salmon.  You can also tip it into a dish, top with cheese and brown under the grill. 

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  1. I had to modify it a little as my kitchen is in upheaval after some electrical work. the spices were buried so I added mushrooms and pine nuts - very nice with the cream and lemon juice. I know its early for asparagus and had to use the peruvian. It was very tasty with all the guilt!