Sunday, 10 April 2011

Baked Rhubarb and Blueberries

Simplicity itself, and a super combination.  This Nigel Slater recipe gave me an opportunity to use up a punnet of blueberries that had been lurking in the freezer, alongside some lovely fresh garden rhubarb that arrived in the Riverford box.  All you do is combine equal quantities of the fruit - I used 250g each of chopped rhubarb and blueberries and tip into a shallow baking dish.  Top with 2 tablespoons of caster sugar, mixed with a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon OR the grated zest of an orange, whichever floats your boat.  Sprinkle over 2 tablespoons of water (or orange juice if you used the zest) and bake at 160C for about 25 minutes.  Tip into a pretty bowl and chill.  We will eat this for breakfast over the next couple of mornings, spooned over thick Greek yoghurt with honey.  As the strawberry season approaches, I shall substitute the blueberries at the end of the baking time, stirring them through the cooked rhubarb - they go so well together too.


  1. Hi, thank you!! Hope you will like the recipes. :) I am only just starting blogging in English. We came to Oxford in 2007. After my PhD, last year, have been at home..n looking for job :). So thought i probably can gather some time to introduce some 'real' Chinese food, as I don't think the chinese resturant or takeaways here can present real chinese food.:)
    Love your recipes too, especially the bakeries, I don't have a clue about how to bake, always try, always fail. But I think I will learn from your recipes one by one!! :) -- Shibin

  2. Hi Shibin! Lovely to hear from you. Perhaps we can learn from each other? I have a dear friend from Shanghai, who lives in Lancaster, and whenever I see her, she teaches me a lot about the food from her region, so I will really enjoy finding out about yours. In the UK, we have a very poor idea of what 'Chinese' food is, and people tend to think of it as being what they get in restaurants. But I have learned that Chinese food is very regional and varied. Your English is excellent, by the way!