Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hot Aubergine Mussaman Curry

I am suffering with a horrible head cold at the moment, so am hoping that some spicy dishes will blow it all away - I have no scientific basis for imagining this will work, it just seems the right thing to do!  I had some Mussaman paste left in the freezer from a chicken curry the other week, and this was explosively HOT with dried chilli, so this has formed the basis of the dish tonight - a good tablespoonful of the mix, fried with another spoonful or two of oil.  I grilled chunks of aubergine and some chopped onion, sprayed with oil, until browned and starting to soften - this uses much less oil than frying.  Then, a tin of chopped tomatoes and a small can of coconut cream (about 180ml) is added to the spice paste, brought to the boil and simmered until reduced and thickened.  As this stage approaches, add the aubergines and let them cook with the thickening sauce for 10 minutes or so - they will absorb the flavour but not break up too much.  Add salt to taste and some lime juice if you have any.  Serve with the creamy Parippu dal (previous recipe) and some nan bread.  Boy was this hot.  My sinuses have cleared a little!

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