Sunday, 20 March 2011

Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

There seems to be a fashion at the moment for Red Velvet Cake, which is made with worryingly large amounts of artificial red food colouring.  If you want a red(dish) cake, then try this instead - much better for you!  It is a famous recipe from Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall via the Riverford Organics Field Kitchen.  It uses less sugar than normal brownies, and no wheatflour, so is suitable for those on gluten-free diets.  The reduced sugar content, and the addition of ground almonds, makes for a less crisp crust, but it tastes wonderful.  If the beetroot puts you off, please don't let it!  You really can't taste it, but it contributes that red tinge to the batter and adds wonderful moisture to the mix, making this a good 'keeper'.   I have made a Chocolate Beetroot Cake elsewhere on the blog, so do take a look at that as well. Tasting note: these have lasted well into the week, mainly because I forgot to take a whole load of them to my friend Jess on Tuesday - sorry!  However, as the week has progressed, these have just got fudgier and denser and even more chocolatey - definitely a good cake to make in advance of an event to get the full-on experience!  Yummy!


  1. So glad I am not the only person who doesn't 'get' red velvet cake - doesn't it just taste the same as cake without food colouring? Still not sure you will tempt me to put beetroot in brownies but I'm sure to accidentally end up with some in the veg box sooner or later so I will keep this recipe in mind. Rachel

  2. Exactly! What does all that food colouring contribute - other than colour? It seems pointless to me. But do try this, seriously, you can't taste the beetroot, but you are getting all the benefits of it in a yummy chocolate cake!