Friday, 11 March 2011

Beetroot and Orange Salad with Goats' Cheese

Beetroot and orange go so well together, and the juice from fresh oranges makes a lovely dressing mixed with some grain mustard and good olive oil.  Lovely fresh Batavia lettuce and watercress arrived in the Riverford box today, and I had beetroot from a delivery the other week.  So, simply boil the beets in their skin until tender, about an hour.  Cut the peel from a couple of oranges (a navel and a blood orange was what I had), saving any escaped juice for the dressing.  Cut some cucumber (also in the box) and slice or crumble a small goats' cheese - as fresh or as whiskery and goaty as you like.  Simply layer it all in a bowl or on a large platter with any other greens you have about (some rocket in our case), whisk up your dressing and pour over.  I meant to make croutons for a crunchy element, but forgot - never mind, still lovely and fresh and light to follow the spicy soup.  If you don't like goats' cheese, lots of others would work - Wensleydale, a good cheddar or even some blue cheese if that rocks your boat.

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