Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentine's Day Baking

So, the weekend has been spent producing what ends up looking like a ridiculously small amount of baked goods for a charity cake sale at work tomorrow.  About 3 pounds each of butter and sugar has been used, all in aid of the British Heart Foundation.  Hah!  The irony!  So, here is a picture of me producing the Chocolate Melting Moments.  I wish!  Those were the days when sex could be used to sell anything.  Ah me.

So what has been made?  Well, the Chocolate Melting Moments, along with Vanilla Melting Moments. I love these, being incredibly 'short' buttery little biscuits, sandwiched with butter cream.  The vanilla ones are very soft and 'tender', and the chocolate ones have ended up crisper - probably the extra cocoa powder that makes the difference. 

I have also made Orlando Murrin's brownies again (see earlier this month), along with Bill Granger's Lime Slice, which I have adapted to include lemon and passionfruit - for a Slice of Passion - geddit?  If anyone wants the recipes, just let me know.  And if you are a work colleague reading this, please bring lots of money in to work tomorrow!

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  1. I would love the recipes when you have the time, please, Maggie. They all look delicious.

    J x