Saturday, 5 February 2011

Orlando Murrin's Best Ever Chocolate Brownies

I once sat next to Orlando Murrin, one-time editor of Good Housekeeping and the BBC Good Food Magazine, at a posh restaurant in Ludlow.  Who knows, he might be saying the same thing of me?  I doubt it.  Anyway, I am always on the search for the Holy Grail of the best chocolate brownie recipe, and this one comes pretty near it.  Deep, fudgy and very chocolatey, this mix smelt divine as it was baking.  Who needs air freshener?  In the UK we spend something silly like £360 million each year on chemical air fresheners - just bake a batch of brownies, people!  Here is the recipe, give it a go. (I substituted 50g of chopped walnuts for the milk choc chunks, 'cos I like nuts in my brownies).

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