Sunday, 5 December 2010

Potroast Beef Brisket

The cold weather continues, and so it is a good time to capitalise on long, slow cooking of cheaper cuts of meat, which provide flavour.  Last week it was pork belly, this week, rolled beef brisket.  Simply brown it well in an oven-proof casserole (I love my trusty Le Creuset), then add big chunks of winter veg - carrots, onions and swede for me, but you can add celeriac, celery, turnips - you can also do potatoes and pumpkin, but I would add them half way through so they don't break up.  A bay leaf or two, and some fresh thyme, then pour in some beef stock, red wine and tomato puree, not enough to cover the meat but enough to come a good half-way up the side of the dish.  Put a tight fitting lid on, using foil underneath if in doubt, bring to the boil on the hob, then put into the oven at around 140C for a minimum of 3 hours, longer if possible.  As brisket is so lean, you shouldn't need to skim the sauce.  Thicken with a little cornflour at the end if liked.  This has given us masses of leftovers, and I'll probably shred some of the meat with the sauce to dress some pasta for Hubby's supper tomorrow (I'm off out with the Laydees for an early Xmas do).  NB the leftovers made great Beefy Beany Broth, one of my most favourite soups

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