Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Potato, Leek and Cheese Bake

Sometimes the simple things in life are the best.  Another perishingly cold day today.  After waiting at the bus stop for 20 minutes and walking home through the frostily rimed wonderland of East Oxford, my face had stopped working and the cold had bitten at my already sore throat - I couldn't speak for a good 10 minutes (hurrah!  thought my Hubby!).  We needed something ultra warming and delicious.  So - mashed potato mixed with an onion that had gently sauteed in butter until deeply golden and sticky, a couple of sliced leeks that steamed above the potatoes, and a BIG handful of grated cheddar, all mashed together with lots of black pepper, tipped into a dish, topped with MORE cheese and baked until golden brown and gungy and gooey.  I roasted some tomatoes alongside and steamed some savoy cabbage, and our plates sang with colour, warmth and goodness.  Sorry for the lack of quantities, just go with your instincts and tastebuds.  Cheap, too, and great for feeding loads of hungry kids - they'll want ketchup and/or baked beans with it and won't notice the leeks and onions hidden in there like incendiary vitamin bombs.

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