Friday, 5 November 2010

Red Wine and Radicchio Risotto

Well, now, this is never going to be the best looking dish on the block, but it was deeply savoury and umami-ish.  We had some wonderful Treviso radicchio delivered in the Riverford box last week, which we used as a pasta sauce on Monday with bacon, a little cream, onion, garlic and sage.  Scrummy!  This used similar flavours - some chopped pancetta, a red onion, the shredded radicchio, sauteed in oil and butter and a good splosh of red wine (red vermouth in our case) along with some chicken stock.  I kept the risotto quite soupy this time, as I felt the texture of the radicchio needed this, somehow.  Finished at the end with another knob of butter and some parmesan, it was just delicious, just a slightly murky colour.  Radicchio is quite an addictive flavour!


  1. I've just found your blog and love it. I have Nigel's book - well done on completing all the recipes. I'm now following you and hope you can maybe pop in and have a look at mine.

    Happy blogging.

  2. Hi Sarah, many thanks for visiting and following me! I shall certainly take a look at your blog

  3. ONe of the nicest meals I ever had was in Turin and was a red cabbage risotto. Gorgeous. I also make a beetroot risotto with goats cheese and walnuts that has red wine in.


  4. Hi Kisa, I've seen beetroot risottos, and it sounds delicious with the goats cheese. Any chance of a recipe? Red cabbage risotto sounds good too, as it is sweet too like the radicchio