Sunday, 28 November 2010

Cheese Palmiers

These have been around the scene since Delia showed us all how to make them in her Christmas book - the simplest thing in the world, but so good.  Infinitely variable, I used mustard and parmesan, but also regularly use slices of Parma ham along with the parmesan too, or with black olive tapenade and anchovies, or fresh pesto.  You simply spread your ingredients over a sheet of puff pastry, roll up from either side to meet in the middle, cut into slices and bake until crisp.  Hot and crisp from the oven, I challenge you to stop at one!  Great to keep, in the long un-sliced roll, in the freezer ready for Christmas and pre-dinner drinks.


  1. I'm making these too, but mine never look this good.

  2. Hello Gi! So lovely to speak to you last night - I am glad you are perfecting the palmiers, they are so nice and simple to make