Sunday, 21 November 2010

Columbo Cocktail

Not named after the detective, I don't think!  This is a long fruity Campari, made with 1.5 measures of Campari, 1.5 measure fresh orange juice, 3/4 measure fresh lemon juice and 1 measure of fresh lime juice, with about 1/2 a measure of gomme syrup.  Shake and then serve over ice in a long glass, topped up with chilled tonic and a slice of orange and lime.  Heaven.  We had little crisp squares of buttery baked bread, topped with a duxelles of mushrooms with minced Parma ham mixed in, and baked until bubbling, to accompany it before our dinner of roast lamb and pumpkin pie.


  1. What is gomme syrup, please, Maggie?

  2. Hi Joy, it is sugar syrup, in a bottle. You can make your own, but the commercial variety is much clearer and more saturated than you can achieve at home. Instead of the gomme syrup and lime, you can use an equivalent amount of Lime Cordial - Rose's brand is very good. But I like the zing of fresh lime juice.