Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tuna and Bean Salad [#242]

An easy lunch dish from Jo Pratt here, which made a nice change from sandwiches. Make a lemony mustardy vinaigrette, with the zest and juice of a lemon, some wholegrain mustard, salt, pepper and olive oil. Add a tin of drained and rinsed canellini or borlotti beans (we used Cirio brand, simply the best), a very finely sliced red onion, or some spring onion, a diced red pepper and a tin of drained tuna, flaked into chunks. Mix gently, taste and adjust the seasoning, and then add some finely chopped parsley. Scarcely a recipe, really.


  1. always with the red onion. spoils ALL tuna and bean salads, in my estimation :o(

  2. Well, two things to say here Helen. I hate coarse chunks of onion, so I slice mine paper thin. If you allow if to sit with the dressing for some time (overnight, in my case) the acid in the dressing softens and almost cooks the onion. However, you can replace the red onion with Spring Onions (or syboes, since you are up north!) But I think something onioney is need to give a bit of punch

  3. syboes is northern but it ain't scottish! The only folks I know who say syboe are english :o) It's true though that an overnight soak in acidy dressing can be enough to nuke the onion. But sometimes i can't even tell it's there and then the indigestion starts and I politely enquire, what was in your salad, and Lo! There it is.