Monday, 5 April 2010

Bouillabaisse [#238]

After our health scare on Good Friday, hubby (and I) had regained our appetite by Saturday evening - you can't keep a good trencherman (or woman) down! This was just as well as, early on Good Friday, I had bought loads of beautiful fish and shellfish to have a go at Judith Well's low-fat version of Bouillabaisse. So, I was glad to be able to use it up, and we were rewarded with a most delicious, light and appetising fish dinner that we will most certainly make again. I used some sea bass, chunks of cod, prawns and mussels. I know, no mullet, gurnard or rascasse, none of the spiny mediterranean fish that should be in there, but hey, we live in Oxford, not Marseilles! The subtle seasoning of fennel seed, saffron and orange zest sang through, along with the fish stock and tomato. Lots of parsley at the end brought the whole thing together. With some crusty bread, it was food to console and to comfort and to celebrate that we were eating it together.

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