Monday, 5 April 2010

Potato and Rosemary Fritatta [#237]

So, we had a bit of a drama over Easter, with Hubby being proper poorly on Good Friday. BUT - it takes more than that to get in the way of our food! Before he fell ill, we had a lovely lunch of this simple and wholesome omelette from Marcella Hazan. Being Italian, she calls it a fritatta, but it was perhaps more like a Spanish tortilla. A thinly sliced potato and onion are sauteed gently in olive oil until soft and golden, and stirred into beaten eggs with a fair bit of finely chopped fresh rosemary - about a dessertspoonful. All is gently cooked in a non-stick omelette pan and browned under the grill. Simple and delicious. However, I shall never cook it again, as it is jinxed, as is 'The Sound of Music', but that's another story..............


  1. I hope he's a lot better now, Maggie.

  2. it was possibly a rather gorgeous tortilla which took me out with 10 days of campylobacter in 2004. However I managed to tick all the exposure to risk factor boxes, and was an entirely isolated case, so we just never knew...

  3. Hi Helen: I'm afraid hubby had a seizure, out of the blue. I don't think it was the fritatta that caused it, but perhaps a rather radical response to being asked to do the washing up.

    Hi Joy: He's a lot better, thanks, but we have to wait for further tests, etc. Thankfully, his appetite remains undiminished, LOL!