Monday, 5 April 2010

Glazed Ham with Fresh Mango Chutney [#239]

Easter Sunday - why do people eat lamb for Easter? (other than for the Passiontide associations with the Paschal Lamb?). The young lambs are really too small at this time of year to have much flavour, so I'd rather save that treat until a bit later. Instead, we had a nice piece of outdoor-reared ham, gently boiled and then baked with a glaze of soy, brown sugar, honey, rum and mustard. This is then served, sliced, with a lovely fresh 'chutney' (really what I would call a salsa) of fresh mango, sweet chilli sauce, lime juice and finely chopped red onion. This was a delicious dish from Bill Granger, bursting with flavour, and the mango would go with lots of things, including a good curry, I imagine.

Before this, we made Bill's little prawn wantons, stuffed with chopped prawn, garlic, ginger and coriander - utterly delicious, but I can only count one dish per featured cook each month!


  1. The chutney sounds good!

  2. The chutney sounds VERY good, I agree.
    Is it just those four ingredients in sensible proportions. Maggie?

  3. The chutney was very good - lovely and fresh.

    I large ripe mango, chopped, half a small red onion, chopped fine, the juice of half a lime, or to taste, and a teaspoon of sweet chilli sauce, all stirred together. I added a little chopped coriander, simply because I had some left over from the starter. Leave it all to sit for up to an hour, and voila! Lovely, and fat-free too. It cut through the rich flavours of the glazed ham beautifully.