Saturday, 20 March 2010

Chicken Biryani [#232]

Phew! I'm stuffed, if you'll pardon the expression. This Chicken Biryani was an altogether more delicate and elegant version of the dish than you'll ever get at the local take-away - chicken thigh pieces marinated in lemon juice, garam masala and yoghurt, then cooked with masses of pureed onion, garlic and ginger, ground almonds and water until tender, with a thick fragrant 'gravy'. This is then layered with partially cooked rice flavoured with cinnamon and cloves and drizzled with saffron-infused water, covered tightly with foil, and baked for half-an-hour or so. We served this with a spicy vegetable 'sabji' - rich with coriander and chilli - which was a great contrast. The trouble is, we kept going back for just one more I say, stuffed, and a happy Hubby is now slumped, replete, in front of the rugby.

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