Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Squid with Lime and Thyme [#191]

Well, I took real liberties with this one, but as it is near the end, I think I am entitled! The original recipe calls for squid to be chargrilled then dressed with lime juice and thyme. Here's how I changed it:
  • used coriander leaf instead of thyme

  • used a misture of squid, prawns and scallops

  • quickly stir-fried in a stonkingly hot wok, rather than chargrilling, then tossed with lime and the chopped coriander

  • stirred through egg noodles that had been dressed with sesame oil and soy

So, a radically different version using Nigel's recipe as an interpretation and idea. Jolly nice, though. Next time, will add some chilli.

Only two recipes to go!

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