Sunday, 23 August 2009


Hve just heard about this film (and the Julia Child Project) and it has put my little challenge into the shade! I must catch this film, with Meryl Streep as the brilliant Julia Child. It is the story of Julie in Manhattan who actually cooked her way through 500+recipes from Julia Child's book in one year - HOW did she do it??? 192 recipes is enough for me, and somethimes that feels like a huge cooking treadmil. Nigel's recipes are - mostly - simple, but Julia Child's food is French haute cuisine with all the richness, complexity and expense that that entails. Eek! Has anyone else seen this?


  1. No, not yet, read the book though, that was fun, keep on with the challenge, am enjoying it - I gave up about half way through feb, was too difficult to do with a family of fussy eaters - am so impressed with your progress

  2. Hi! Thanks for following me. I must get the book. Going on holiday in a few weeks so it should be a good fun read when I'm away. I can't believe I only have 50 recipes left - what will I do?! I it all again with another book. My hubby is doesn't know whether to laugh or cry....